Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sanskrit House Names

Naming a house is always difficult, as home is the place where you belong and the name of your abode should represent everything you are or everything that the home is for you.

Some simple tips to come out with sanskrit names for homes.

The name of the house should evoke an emotion in the mind of the people.
Prateeksha : You long to go back to your home.
Ashraya : Shelter for you
Chaaya : Shadow(A shade for you to cool down)
Prakriti : Nature
Sannidhaama : Holy place

The names related to culture and heritage
Gokula,Dhwaaraka : Place where  lord krishna grew up.
Ayodhya : Capital of Lord Rama

Two word house names : The rule for two worded house names is an adjective followed by a noun.

The adjective should represent the sunny side, pleasant stuff, positive vibes, names of great men,heavenly bodies and happy emotions.
Examples :  suvarna, surya, chandra, ananda, sukha, indra,

The noun should be a word which is a synonym of abode.
Examples : taaana, dhaama, prastha,bhuavana,bhavana, nivasa,aavaas, aadri, puri

Feminine names : hemavati, netravati,
Masculine names : Kalpvriksha, Kamadheenu


Size : Bhima

Hema dhaama(not good), Suvarna Dhaama, Vajra Dhaama,
Param,Padmadalam, Pranavam,Gandeevam, Aadity Varnam,aksharam,amritabidnhu,ambaram

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